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Magnify Home Inspection inspects over 300 points in every inspection and is ready to offer you  the the most detailed and comprehensive inspection on the market.  Important  locations and materials are reported, in addition to testing mechanical  systems.  We notice the little things.

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Working with you to make your home inspection convenient for you!   We work weekends and late afternoons, making it easier for you to be there when we are. 

After the inspection you will receive a complete and comprehensive review of what we find.  Digital images of all irregularities.  

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Whether  a flipper or a first time buyer, know that you are making the right  decision.  A decision that is based on facts not emotion.  Let our  expert inspectors do a detailed inspection report complete with photos  and evaluations that will instill confidence in your decision.

As  soon as you're under contract your next step should be a home inspection. Buying a home is a major investment.  A certified Magnify inspection can keep you safe from unknown repairs. Reports are  guaranteed to be delivered within 24 hours. 

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Our Mission


At  Magnify Home Inspection, Inc.  we strive to offer a honest, unbiased  inspection.  Our integrity is very important to us.  For 20 years we  worked as development management coordinator for a 5 star bungalow  resort in Tanzania, East Africa.  In charge of building to international safety  standards, we learned the importance of doing an honest day's work.  We  continue that standard of excellence with our home inspections.  We work  for the customer and nobody else.  At Magnify Home Inspection, Inc. you  can depend on a report that honestly  explains and details the  conditions that we find during our inspection.